What is Arctic Ease?

Arctic Ease provides hours of relief from pain and swelling without the hazards and discomfort of ice or frozen gel packs or the irritation of menthol patches. Arctic Ease Cold Therapy Wraps apply therapeutic cold and compression while conforming to the affected site and stay in place while you remain active! Suitable for sprains, repetitive motion injuries, pain associated with arthritis, bruises, and muscle cramps. [ more ]

Arctic Ease Wrap

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Baltimore Post-Examiner – Running with Arctic Ease

For those of you who completed the Baltimore Half Marathon this weekend…a) well done and b) do you have any bits that hurt? I’m not a long-distance runner. I like a sweet 5K and then I’m done. One of the reasons I keep my running to a minimum is because of running injuries. I do so much other exercise that I don’t want to mess up my knees or shins. These are frequent complaints that I hear from runner friends. One of my friends has a real knee problem from running and over the past week, before the half marathon,… [more]

Break Free from Ice Therapy


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