What is Arctic Ease?

Arctic Ease provides hours of relief from pain and swelling without the hazards and discomfort of ice or frozen gel packs or the irritation of menthol patches. Arctic Ease Cold Therapy Wraps apply therapeutic cold and compression while conforming to the affected site and stay in place while you remain active! Suitable for sprains, repetitive motion injuries, pain associated with arthritis, bruises, and muscle cramps. [ more ]

Arctic Ease Wrap

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About.com Walking – July 24, 2014

Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap – Review Cold therapy and compression are two of the steps of R.I.C.E. for sprains and strains. Cryotherapy is also often recommended after exercise for those with chronic aches and pains. That’s easy to recommend but not often easy to do. How do you take cold therapy along with you when you don’t want to have to pack a cooler or beg for ice at a convenience store? Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap was something I hadn’t seen before. You don’t refrigerate it, in fact you specifically don’t freeze it. Instead, this strip of cold… [more]

Modern Mom – July 24, 2014

  Arctic Ease Wraps With No Icy Mess   As an active family with weekends full of sports, it seems someone always has some sort of ache and pain. I have issues with my ankle, hubby has knee pain, my son seems to always have something that needs ice. Enter Arctic Ease Wraps into our lives. This instant cold wrap conforms to your body and provides hours of relief from pain and inflammation through cold and compression therapy. The best part is it doesn’t involve ice! You wrap this around your knee, ankle, whatever and then go about your business…. [more]

CoachLevi.com – July 15, 2014

Tested: Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap Do you like being overheated? Do you like being hurt? If you answered “no” to both those questions, as I did, you might be interested in something called the Arctic Ease® Instant Cold Wrap. The company has been around a while, but I just found out about it recently when the company announced a partnership with IRONMAN, and boy did I get excited! Because it’s not that I “don’t like” being overheated and hurting, I hate it! So if there’s a product out there that can help me recover from injuries and cool me… [more]

Drug Store News – July 15, 2014

Arctic Ease begins selling small joints wrap New York — Arctic Ease, a company that makes cold and compression therapy products, announced Tuesday that it had launched its small joints wrap. The wrap, a smaller version of the company’s Cold Therapy Wrap, is meant to relieve wrist, ankle and elbow pain, and will retail for $9.99. The wraps can stay cool without being put in a refrigerator and can stay on during activities. “Consumers love the cooling and compression power of the full size wrap, and some were already custom fitting that wrap for their smaller aches and pains by… [more]

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