Arctic Ease featured in The Fit Crasher

Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap So my left knee. If you’ve been following along here for awhile you know that it’s been a bit of an issue since I tore my meniscus in 2010. Things were going well until I moved to New York City. Walking around in regular shoes all day just wasn’t cutting it. And then I tweaked it doing lunges in class last week and, well, you get an idea of where this is going. I received a letter from Arctic Ease asking if I would be interested in trying their cold wraps to help with my… [more]

Arctic Ease Featured in Crazy Running Girl – 8 ways to treat running aches and pains

Running aches and pains are inevitable… after all, running is an abusive sport (I think that’s why it’s such a great stress reliever… no better way to get out the stress than to truly pound it out of your system). Over the years, I’ve come across a number of different tools and ways to get rid of the aches and pains that are associated with running. There are a few that have come up to the top as my favorite. 5. Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap I was just introduced to this and I LOVE it. You know how if… [more]

Baltimore Post-Examiner – Running with Arctic Ease

For those of you who completed the Baltimore Half Marathon this weekend…a) well done and b) do you have any bits that hurt? I’m not a long-distance runner. I like a sweet 5K and then I’m done. One of the reasons I keep my running to a minimum is because of running injuries. I do so much other exercise that I don’t want to mess up my knees or shins. These are frequent complaints that I hear from runner friends. One of my friends has a real knee problem from running and over the past week, before the half marathon,… [more]

Break Free from Ice Therapy

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