Arctic Ease Featured in the Daily Burn – 7 Post-Workout Tools to Aid Muscle Recovery

1. Tightly Wound Wishing you could ice while you go about your day? Wrap an Arctic Ease wrap around the problem area. The product adheres to itself and gets colder the longer you wear it. When you’re done, put a few drops of water on it, throw it back into the jar and it will be ready to use next time you need it. ($10-$15, depending on size) Full Article Link

Arctic Ease Featured on Fox Baltimore

Arctic Ease featured in Breakthrough Entertainment’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wraps provide relief from pain and swelling without the inconvenience and discomfort of ice or frozen gel packs. Simply wrap the area that’s bothering you and you can remain active for hours while you heal. It is instantly cool with no refrigeration required, conforms to the body, lasts up to three hours and is reusable up to five times. Two sizes are available – small joints wrap for wrists, elbows and ankles and full-size wrap. Discount of 20 percent off at through Dec. 16 with promo code HOLIDAY2014. ($9.99-$14.99 at CVS, The Vitamin Shoppe and… [more]

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