Adult Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia Pain TreatmentHip Dysplasia affects thousands of people every year. Also known as hip dislocation and loose hips, hip dysplasia refers to the bones of the hip joint being misaligned. It prevents proper function of the hip joint and causes the joint to wear more quickly than normal. Hip dysplasia is a silent condition, meaning pain often isn’t felt until the later stages, making it difficult to detect.

Hip Dysplasia Symptoms

Hip dysplasia pain is most often felt deep in the front of the groin region, as well as the side and back of the hip. Pain may start out as mild and you may only experience pain on occasion with activities. Over time, you may experience an increase in the frequency and the severity of the pain. With the increase in hip pain, you may begin to limp.

In addition to the pain you may feel from hip dysplasia, you may also notice a clicking or popping sound.

An x-ray can determine the severity of hip dysplasia and identify if there is a need for surgery. An MRI can help doctors identify any damage to the cartilage.

IMG_9999Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Early diagnosis of hip dysplasia allows for a wider variety of treatment options. Patients who suffer from painful hip dysplasia but do not have severe cartilage damage may be eligible for surgery to treat the pain and preserve the hip.

Hip Preserving Surgery. Surgery can be performed to change the orientation of the hip socket. Screws are placed to hold the hip in position until the bone heals. This treatment aims to improve the longevity of the hip joint and relieve pain.

Joint Replacement Surgery. Arthroplasty uses artificial parts to replace the damaged hip joint. Hip resurfacing is a less invasive surgical option as it requires less bone be removed. A total hip replacement is performed for severe hip dysplasia.

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