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How Your Skin Benefits from Exercise & Not Chemicals

Sandy Alcide Athletes Skin Care Consultant President of the American Athletic Skin Care Association Founder of Motion Medica fitness skin care Sandy Alcide can be reached at Cardiovascular activity is the key to essential blood circulation and strengthening the blood vessels this helps with collagen production and other processes reliant on a constant oxygen supply. Another important advantage of regular exercise is the extra production of sebum, which works as a natural emollient maintaining skin softness and protecting against creasing and wrinkles. Aerobic exercise and weight lifting are the ideal methods to achieve benefits toward improving a healthier… [more]

Is My Story Your Story? How I Came to Running

I’ve always been a runner. Even during the years I spent away from running wrapped up in making ends meet and raising a family I craved the outlet and sense of fulfillment running provided. As a former active duty Marine, keeping myself “squared away” was always something I’d done. But as years passed the increased workload and stresses of life began taking its toll on my health. I’m the type of person who internalizes stress unless I have a physical outlet. I’m also very driven so when I do something I do it all the way. Bad combination as it… [more]

Coach Jenny of Women’s Running Magazine Loves Us!

We are excited to share our mention in this month’s issue of Women’s Running magazine.  The fabulous Coach Jenny has included us in her column this week as “a convenient, easy way to reduce inflammation post-training or racing.”  We’ve been fans of her column for a while now so we’re really excited she likes us!  Thanks Jenny!    

To Overcome Adversity takes Personal Fortitude, Will Power and Determination

Have you ever met someone and wondered what made them tick? Why they were able to succeed and do things you wished you could? It could be that person you saw struggling at mile 21 when they hit the wall and rallied to finish with a PR in a tough Marathon or the person who despite all odds overcame and went on to be a huge success. In a moment I will introduce someone who has done just that, who has internal fortitude, will power and determination to succeed despite all obstacles. A person that I happen to think the… [more]

Why Arctic Ease?

I get asked continually “why Arctic Ease?”, “why did we set up our facility in the Northeast?” (aka the greater Philadelphia area) and “why we did not offshore our manufacturing to China?”, well here’s why:First and foremost, there had to be a better way to cool an injury than wet leaky ice bags that limit mobility or menthol based products that everyone within 20+ feet can smell coming their way – that somewhat relived pain but did nothing for inflammation (swelling). The solution had to fit under a brace (a result of a knee injury); allow me to maintain my… [more]

Nutrition, Rest, and Performance

The human body needs hydration, rest, and nourishment to remain viable. None of these requirements should be underestimated, however, it is likely that one or another is neglected from time to time even by our most elite U.S. and international athletes. The average non-athletic requires over 8 hours of sleep per 24 hour period as optimal rest. An athlete needs that much and more for optimal performance.Fluids are an important mainstay of hydration for non-athletes and athletes. Water is optimal for most athletes, however for long-distance running and triathlons, hydration fluid fortified with electrolytes and sugar may be necessary. Nutrition… [more]

Welcome to the Arctic Ease Blog

As the founder and CEO of Arctic Ease I’m very pleased that you’ve taken the time to visit us. As an athlete who endured serious knee injuries in the past I created Arctic Ease wraps and pads with one simple goal in mind – to improve people’s quality of life through the reduction of pain and swelling. I am extremely proud of all the people that have taken the time to share their stories, and to tell us how dramatically and positively Arctic Ease has impacted their lives. We’ve heard from athletes, senior citizens, trainers, parents, physicians and laborers. While… [more]

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