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Arctic Ease – Shaun T Instructional Video

Arctic Ease – Shaun T

Break Free from Ice Therapy

Break Free From The Pack: Work Through The Sore

Break Free From The Pack: Ice Therapy

Break Free From The Pack: Recovery

Does Arctic Ease work: WREG – CBS, Memphis asked Texas A&M Aggie Track / Field Dr Henderson

Does Arctic Ease work? WREG (CBS, Memphis) asked Texas A&M Aggie Track and Field Physician Dr Vincent Henderson to try Arctic Ease!

Arctic Ease: Ease With Ease Super Bowl 2013

Arctic Ease. Pain Therapy On The Go. AnyWhere, AnyTime.

Use Arctic Ease® a new and Revolutionary Cold Technology that changes forever the way you feel about pain. After years of research and development now, you can start treating your injuries for hours without messy ice packs or refrigeration. Just open, wrap and go. Let the flexible cold-technology-compression do the magic; absorbing your body heat and relieving your pain and inflammation at the scientifically optimal healing temperature of 59F. Since 2009 more than three million users among Elite Athletes and Special Forces testify that now you can too!

Arctic Ease used by pro athletes and special forces to treat injuries

How do Special Forces and Pro Athletes treat injuries? They turn to Arctic Ease.

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