Is it that time of year already ?

Can you believe that in less than a week it’s going to be Thanksgiving ?  Where has the year gone ?   This has been a great year for Arctic Ease because of our great customers but we are just getting started.  We have introduced Arctic Ease wraps in new colors and some of our Arctic Ease team members are having a great year as professional athletes.

The downside to all this of course is that this is the time of year when some of us tend to pack on some additional pounds.  It seems that it can take weeks to take off the weight and only a few days to gain it all back but wellness today is not something that can be taken for granted.

On our Facebook page and Twitter account we have be providing links to some great information and motivations so that our customers and visitors can keep at it.  Everybody knows obesity is a massive problem in the U.S. It rivals smoking in terms of its health hazards, according to a report in the February 2010 American Journal of Preventative Medicine which is why we all need to keep on exercising and moving about.

This year a record number of people ran the Chicago and New York marathons and everyday it seems that more people are making the decision to get out and do something about their health which usually means walking, running, biking, playing golf of other forms of exercise.

It’s easy to get demotivated in winter when it seems that it gets dark by 5PM but in order to make an exercise regiment work you need to stick to a plan and take baby steps before you take giant leaps.  Today on Twitter I asked some of our followers about how they started to run and was surprised to learn that many could not run for more than a minute or so.  One of our followers said “started with couch to 5K program and now I’m training for a full marathon. Running was/is super difficult for me.” but he is still at it with the help of an Arctic Ease wrap to help him stay at it.

Arctic Ease is more than a product it’s a solution for tired or sore muscles and joints.  Using our products can mean an extra mile of so on a run or getting out and doing it again and again without having to deal with the pain because life moves to fast to be slowed down by muscle aches and pains.

We want you to stay at it and we want to know how you’re doing on your wellness regimen whether you walk, run, bike or swim.   If you need tips and motivation than head over to our Arctic Ease Facebook page and join our vibrant community.   Remember nobody said it was going to be easy but exercise has too many benefits to ignore and you have a choice to either do nothing or just get up and do it.  We’ll be there with you the whole way…


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