I just want to say thank you. Your product “Arctic Ease” is great; my husband Dewaine used Arctic Ease on his ankle that he broke about 2 years ago. He still has problems with it (swelling and Pain). Within about maybe 10 minutes if that Arctic Ease wrap was hot. Arctic Ease pulled the heat and reduced the swelling in his ankle that fast. (Love your product) The next day he said that his ankle has not felt this good in a long time. So every night we wrap his ankle up with Arctic Ease. Dewaine’s other comment was that he wished he could wrap his whole body in Arctic Ease. Thank you again – Patty

The best part of these wraps is that I can wrap and forget about it. I don’t have to lay flat, don’t have to bandage ice baggage to the specific area or worry about my couch or bed being saturated with melted ice.
Running, Loving, Living: the road to my dreams: Another favorite this week is Arctic Ease! Their wraps rock!!
– Richard RunDaddy Cullen

At the wise age of 44, I just became the victim of a scalding burn over my forearm, wrist, and hand… The short story: After my immediate ice water treatment, I remembered my sample that I picked up at the Twin Cities Marathon Expo. I gently wrapped my arm and didn’t let it dry out–kept refreshing it with water for a couple hours. It was amazing how much heat it seemed to be pulling out as it helped cool my skin. I’m convinced that had I not used Arctic Ease, the damage from my burns would have been much, much worse. – Sue

Ok, I’m sold. I ran the Philly Half yesterday (my first one ) and my ankles are really sore. I cut the sample in half, wrapped them and my ankles are speaking to me again I am in heaven right now.

I got a sample pack of the wrap last weekend at the Air Force Marathon, and I THINK THIS IS THE BEST STUFF ON THE PLANET!!!!!! I have achilles tendinitis in both legs and hate hate hate the ice bags. But Arctic Ease is incredible. – Mendy

I wrapped my calves and got immediate relief! I will recommend these to all of the runners I know, and the trainers at my club. – Chuck, Phoenixville, PA

I traveled from Pittsburgh to San Diego for the Carlsbad Half Marathon this past Sunday and was so mad at myself for not bringing my Arctic Ease with me for after the race! Lesson learned for next time! – Sara

First I would like to express my love for your product! As I train for my first marathon, I provide myself in being an avid icer and reaping the benefits. However, it is not always possible to obtain ice right after an event, during work, or when I need it most. In come Arctic Ease. Quite the life saver. Thank you! – Stephanie

All the great things I have read about you in blogs must be true – what a fantastic service! Thank you! … Thanks again for not only your quick response but your helpfulness and for wanting to help me out. It’s rare you find that in a company anymore. What a treat — you definitely found a supporter in me. Thanks again. – Karen

I am so impressed with your customer service! I’m going to see you on FB so I can keep up with all the latest happenings and recommend arctic ease to all of my friends! Thanks again for your stellar service! – Karen

First of all, I must explain that my father has severe osteoarthritis in his knee; he has seen a doctor about having a knee replacement but has so far decided to “wait”.
He limits the amount of activity he does at one time, and has constant swelling of his knee, and ankle. He wound up unable to walk after trying to use his bicycle, as he developed a painful baker’s cyst. I sent him Arctic Ease Wraps to try, and he told me that his leg has never been so slim; the baker’s cyst is gone, and all of the swelling that he has been living with is gone! You made a believer out of him! Your product has made the difference between sitting in a chair and using a (borrowed) walker, and being able to get around on his own. – L.A., Florida

I wanted to let you know I used the samples you gave me for my knees a few weekends ago after the Harrisburg Half Marathon. It was really awesome how well it worked for that kind of pain, I’ve used different things for muscles before, but its different when working with joints… – Josh, Philadelphia PA

Thank you very much for the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wraps. It has made a world of difference with the daily back pain that I endure. I also have neck and knee issues which are at times debilitating and intend to try the Cryo Wrap on those areas. My boss also used it on his knee, who just recently had knee surgery and is also a runner/jogger. He also agrees that is has quite a positive impact dealing with his pain. – Gina, Boston Mass. University Clinic

A belated thanks. We got the Arctic Ease and have used it already. My wife wrapped her broken foot while using a cam walker. It does take out the swelling. – Dennis

I recently had the opportunity to experience the amazing benefits of your Arctic Ease Wrap. I had been on a cleaning frenzy, cleaning out my closets. I should explain that the area in my closet between the shelving is rather narrow. So systematically, I had been removing clothing, cleaning the shelves then replacing the items. I was bending down to clean the last of the shelving when I lost my balance and fell backwards into the left side of the shelves. Because there was nothing to grab onto, my left elbow took the brunt of the impact as I fell backwards. Needless to say, I saw stars and was certain that my elbow was going to swell and then be completely bruised with all colors of the rainbow.

As I regained my composure, my automatic reflex would have been to get ice to apply, however, I would have had to fill a ziploc bag with the ice and then keep it on long enough that the ice would probably start to melt, not to mention the chill from the ice. I then remembered that my husband had purchased your wrap and remembered that it would cool without the discomfort of the ice and that it would stay cold for hours. I opened the package and was able to wrap the entire crease of my elbow. I left the wrap on for several hours. I took it off to shower and go out to dinner. I noticed that there was no swelling and minimal bruising around the area that got scrapped from the shelf. I decided to sleep with it and insure that the area would not swell. Much to my surprise, there was no swelling and very little discomfort as a result.

It will be an item that I will keep well stocked and will share with my friends to have on hand “just in case”. Your creative ingenuity will certainly be a must for First Aid Kits. Thank you for making it available to us!!
– Barbara

This stuff really works! We got third place in our division and 14th overall out of 250 and improved our time by 24 minutes from the previous year. The members of our team that have tried arctic ease are big fans, the performance of the wraps could not have been better.
We had an 8-person masters team just complete an 80 mile relay race over a tough, hilly course in Southern Illinois. 4 of our runners used the Arctic Ease wraps after we finished our relay legs. Despite having the usual chronic aches & pains of master runners – achilles tendonitis, plantars, bursitis and arthritis we were all able to complete our final legs strong and also experience quicker than usual recovery after the race. Best of all it’s more comfortable than a 36 degree ice bath. – Tinley Track & Trail Master Marathon Runners Group

I have been battling severe arthritis in my ankle for 7 years; I have had surgery, therapy, and nearly every other treatment available. I ice my ankle nearly every day to keep the pain and swelling to a reasonable level. Since I have started using Arctic Ease I have been able to train and race pain free, the best part is how much more convenient it is to use than ice, with Arctic Ease I am able to apply it immediately after training and leave it on without having to worry about damage with excessive cold. I can now train harder and longer without significant swelling and pain in my ankle which I never thought would be possible. – Jerry N.

My son, Blake, who was living away from home, was playing in an organized men’s league basketball game, when he went in for a layup and came down on his ankle. When he landed, his foot rolled to the outside causing an inverted sprain. His ankle swelled up immediately. My son iced his ankle that night and the next morning, when he awoke, his ankle was approximately three times its normal size and his foot, ankle and leg from his ankle to about mid calf had a deep purple discoloration. Later that day at his parents request, he went to see a doctor, who examined the ankle and wrapped it. The doctor wanted to see him again, in four days suggesting that by his initial examination it appeared that my son had torn the ligaments in his ankle.

My son continued to ice his ankle and kept it wrapped but was unable to wear a shoe due to the swelling. My wife and I decided to visit him and escort him to the doctor’s office for his next visit. After his second doctor’s visit, the doctor informed us that my son would definitely need surgery. My wife and I wanted him to have the surgery where we lived, so we could help him after the surgery and both my son and the doctor agreed. When we came to see my son I brought with me the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap, as I had just been provided a sample of the product and educated regarding its use and significant advantages, just a few days before.

That night after the doctor’s visit, we placed the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy wrap on my son’s ankle before he went to bed. The next morning, my son’s ankle swelling had been significantly reduced (approx. 75%) and the discoloration was practically gone. My son said his foot felt much better. We continued that over the next few days and by the time my wife and I left to go back home my son was wearing his shoe. The swelling and discoloration were almost completely gone. We made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon near our residence and my son came home a few weeks later to have a specialist look at his ankle.

It should be noted that over this period of time approximately two weeks my son continued to use the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap and when he came home, I could not tell which ankle was the injured one. The swelling and discoloration were completely gone. I accompanied my son to the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. The doctor examined my son’s foot took ex-rays and determined that my son did not need surgery and that his ligaments would be fine with some simple rehabilitation exercises.

In just a few months time, my son was back playing basketball and just two weeks ago went snow skiing. I firmly believe in the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap and have seen it work firsthand.
– Ray M.

I am 74 years old with Spinal Stenois and lower lumbar damage. Recently I traveled to Indiana to consult with a highly respected specialist in the field to find out if an operation would help my back. After two MRI’s they concluded that this would not be something they would advise on. Their recommendation was for mild exercise and prescription drugs to control the pain. After years of the same treatment and stronger pain pills, I had the luck of hearing about a company that makes a new innovative Cold Therapy Wrap and Pad called Arctic Ease.

I received samples of both the Pad and Wrap for trial. I immediately put the patches on my back where the most aches and shooting pains were accruing. The relief was amazing, after the first night of therapy (which I wore for eight hours) I felt good enough to do some gardening of flowers and moving of bagged dirt weighing about 40lbs around the yard.

Afterwards, I placed the Arctic Ease Cold Compression therapy pads on for a few hours. Later that night I repeated the therapy with the patches for eight hours overnight. The next morning I was able to get up and move around. This would not have been possible before. I felt so much better. I found I can do so much more when using Arctic Ease Pads. I now am able to wash my car again and do light lifting that I had been unable to do for years.
The shooting pain I experienced is GONE. With the help of Arctic Ease Pads on my back I have gain some “quality of life” back after years of Physical Therapy and pain. Now I only take over the counter pain pills every once in a while.

Arctic Ease has been a true blessing and relief of mind, so much so that I have recommended the product to my sister-in-law for her back pain. – Phil Holcomb

I wanted to relay how Arctic Ease wraps have provided me with great relief during the rigorous marathon training that I am currently undertaking. In the past I have tried to apply ice to ease the pain, and decrease the inflammation, but I have found that ice is messy, very cold, and most of all very inconvenient. I have three small children, and with the arctic ease wraps I am still able to play with them, take care of the tasks that I need to attend to, while artic ease provides the an excellent source of relief that I need for my sore knees. The pain relief and ease of use make arctic ease an excellent choice for all active individuals that need another option vs icing for their joints. – Kimberly H., RN